• Understanding Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements

    A part of long-term care planning can include finding the right nursing home facility for yourself or your loved one. When you are searching for the right nursing home, you may find yourself sifting through piles of paperwork, and in that mountain of documents can be an arbitration agreement.

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  • Will Dad Qualify for Medicaid If Mom Owns Rental Property?

    My parents own rental property that is all in my mother’s name. My father is in need of home care. Would he qualify for Medicaid?

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  • How Do I Go About Putting My Parents’ House in My Name?

    My father died in July 2023 in assisted living care, leaving everything to my mother. She has dementia, and will never go back to their house to live. My father had long-term care insurance for both of them. The policy has been in place and paying the facility since April of this year, and per the policy, will pay for her until she passes.

    As her power of attorney, and my father’s executor, how do I go about putting the house in my name? I am an only child, and as stated, Medicaid will not be an issue. I don’t like having the utilities, homeowners insurance, etc. remaining in their name. My husband and I plan to move there at some point.

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  • Pay Monthly for Medicare Part D Prescriptions Come 2025

    Under a new Medicare Prescription Payment Plan starting in 2025, all Medicare prescription drug plans, including Medicare Advantage plans, will offer enrollees the option to spread out their prescription drug out-of-pocket costs over 12 months.

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  • Feds Ease Enrollment Process for Medicare Savings Programs

    Many Medicare recipients struggle to make ends meet. Special savings programs administered by each state can help cover certain Medicare costs, such as premiums and deductibles.

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  • Can Alzheimer’s Disease Be Prevented?

    While new knowledge becomes available each year about promising potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, recent research is also focusing on the prevention of the disease or mitigation of its symptoms.

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  • Trips for Seniors: Travel Tips for You and Your Companions

    Age should never be a barrier to enjoying travel. 

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  • Should I Be Joint Owner of My Sister’s Checking Account?

    My sister asked me to be joint owner on her checking account. Will being a joint owner open me up to liability to pay any debts not covered by the joint account? Specifically, are my personal finances and property outside the joint account at risk?

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  • Can We Force My Mother-in-Law into a Memory Care Facility?

    My wife’s mother has been judged to be in need of long-term memory care. She has been approved for it, to be paid by Medicaid, but doesn’t want to go. She would prefer to stay in her apartment (which she can no longer afford) and have us pay the difference, or else move in with us.

    We can’t take care of her. We are both over 70. She is incontinent and needs memory help. Can she be forced to accept the approved memory care facility?

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  • Does My Mom’s Nursing Home Get Her Certificates of Deposit?

    My mother has been in a long-term care facility (for dementia) for two months. We cared for her at home as long as we could. The facility recently filed for Medicaid for her and found out she has CDs that we were unaware of (she put me on them as POD).

    What should we do now? Should we pay the nursing home out of those CDs, or am I entitled to a portion of them? Obviously she will be denied for Medicaid upon these new findings.

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